Municipal Health Commission Held Meeting on Management of Ambulance Traffic Safety in Pre-Hospital Medical Emergency System of Beijing
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

On June 6, the Municipal Health Commission held a meeting on the management of ambulance traffic safety in the pre-hospital medical emergency system of Beijing. Relevant departments of the Municipal Health Commission, Beijing Emergency Center, health commissions of various districts, and relevant responsible persons of the Social Affairs Bureau, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the recent traffic safety situation of the pre-hospital medical emergency system of Beijing was reported, and the relevant management regulations on the use and traffic safety of pre-hospital medical emergency ambulances were re-interpreted, re-trained and re-required.

It was emphasized at the meeting that safety responsibility is extremely important. Ambulance traffic safety is an important part of the safety production of the pre-hospital medical emergency system, carrying multiple responsibilities for patient safety, emergency personnel safety and social public safety. All districts and units should attach great importance to it and resolutely build a solid safety bottom line.

It was required at the meeting that we should further improve our political stance and strengthen safety responsibilities, further improve rules and regulations, conduct regular safety inspections, further strengthen safety training and implement safety measures, further strengthen care and concern, improve security measures, and arrange shifts reasonably. It was required at the meeting that all districts and units should organize self-inspection and investigation of ambulance use and traffic safety risks to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the pre-hospital medical emergency system of Beijing.