Special Promotion for China International Fair for Trade 2024 in Health Services and the Capital International Medical Conference Launch Meeting Held
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

On May 25, the Special Promotion for China International Fair for Trade 2024 in Health Services and the Capital International Medical Conference Launch Meeting was held at the National Convention Center.

Mao Qunan, Director of the Planning, Development and Informatization Department of the National Health Commission and Vice President of the Chinese Hospital Association, and Liu Juncai, Director of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. More than 200 people, including leaders of relevant departments and bureaus of the National Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, leaders of relevant commissions and bureaus of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission and Beijing Municipality, representatives of industry organizations, medical institutions, industrial parks, exhibitors and media representatives, attended the event.

According to reports, the 2024 CIFTIS Health Services Special Exhibition will be held from September 12 to 16 at the new No. 3 Pavilion at the core of the Shougang Park. Three exhibition areas will be set including the industrial exhibition area, public welfare exhibition area and traditional Chinese medicine exhibition area. During the same period, the Capital International Medical Conference and the International Forum on Public Health will be held to promote the high-quality development of the health industry and the medical industry, and continue to create an integrated and open platform for promoting international trade, scientific and technological innovation, cultural exchanges, and investment and cooperation in the field of health services.

01 Create three highlights

Zhao Qizhou, Director of the Beijing International Service Trade Affairs Center, introduced that this CIFTIS will create three highlights, including highlighting the new quality productivity and showing future industrial development trends, strengthening the essence of transactions and playing the role of an international exchange platform, and increasing publicity and promotion to create a "never-ending CIFTIS".

Health Services will continue to be one of the nine special exhibitions, highlighting the new quality productivity, cutting-edge achievements and application scenarios in the field of health services, and providing more cooperation opportunities for CIFTIS exhibitors.

02 Inject innovative vitality

Liu Juncai, on behalf of the organizing unit, said that the Health Service Special Exhibition, since its launch in 2021, has adhered to the principle of innovative development and people's well-being. Through a variety of activities, it has demonstrated new technologies and achievements in the field of medical and health care, and built a platform for domestic and foreign companies to transform achievements and sign transactions.

This year's Health Special Exhibition will focus on biomedical innovation, smart medical care and new quality productivity, characteristic Chinese medicine health care, and aging health. It innovatively takes the form of government-led, professional operation of enterprises, and support from social group resources to inject innovative vitality into the special exhibition. Domestic and foreign medical and pharmaceutical companies and institutions are welcome to participate in this special event to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

03 Promote high-level conferences and forums

Mao Qunan focused on promoting the "Capital International Medical Conference" to be held during the CIFTIS 2024.

2024 coincides with the fifth anniversary of the Healthy China Action. With the theme of "Developing New Quality Productivity and Building a Healthy and Beautiful Future", the Capital International Medical Conference will exchange and share key content such as major disease prevention and control, medical artificial intelligence applications, exchange and share hot topics in the industry, and build a bridge for communication between medical education, research and enterprises. The conference will focus on enhancing its internationality, authority and influence, and widely invited relevant international organizations, domestic and foreign government departments, associations and chambers of commerce, and well-known companies to attend. The conference has been included in the "high-level conference forum activities" of this CIFTIS.

Representatives from Guanganmen Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and other institutions introduced the exhibition plan for 2024, announced some new products, new technologies and new services to be displayed at this CIFTIS, and expressed their recognition of the CIFTIS health service theme as a platform for negotiation, display, exchange and transformation, and their expectations for the 2024 theme exhibition. The participating representatives expressed their willingness to actively participate in this theme exhibition.

The relevant achievements of Healthy China Cities were released and a series of cooperation signing ceremonies were held at the event. The People's Daily Health Client signed a contract with Capital Exhibition Group to be the chief cooperative media of the CIFTIS 2024 health service theme, and will provide comprehensive and three-dimensional publicity services for the theme. The Chinese Hospital Association and Capital Exhibition Group reached a comprehensive cooperation around the "China International Fair for Trade in Services Health Service Theme". The two sides will concentrate their superior resources to achieve win-win cooperation and add new highlights to the theme.