Municipal Health Commission Organized Meeting on Production Safety for Beijing’s Health System
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

On the morning of April 3, the Municipal Health Commission organized a meeting on production safety in Beijing’s health system, to convey the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on production safety and the spirit of anti-terrorism and prevention meetings of the central and municipal Party committee and the municipal government, and to notify the special inspection of production safety in the health system by the municipal Party committee and municipal government on the work safety. The key tasks such as production safety, fire safety, and counterterrorism and prevention during the Qingming Festival were deployed. Zhong Dongbo, Chairman of the Security Committee of the Commission and Secretary of the Party Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Liu Juncai, Chairman of the Security Committee of the Commission, presided over the meeting and put forward work requirements.

It was emphasized at the meeting that the health administrative departments, medical entities and medical and health institutions at all levels should focus on the hidden problems and risks discovered by the special inspection of production safety by the municipal party committee and government. It is necessary to further strengthen ideological understanding and internalize the safety concept into the intrinsic function of every unit and every comrade, to ensure high-quality development with high-level safety. It is necessary to further strengthen the capacity building of the safety production system and establish and improve the responsibility system, institutional system and capability system. It is necessary to further build the work style and discipline of work safety and effectively ensure the quality of work safety implementation. It is necessary to strengthen in-depth governance and focus on the three major sections of "preventing the occurrence and spread of risks, identification, detection, communication and control of risks, and evacuation and protection", to adhere to the red line that development must not be at the expense of human lives, providing a solid guarantee for people to live and work in peace and contentment, health and happiness, and industry stability and order.

It was required at the meeting that all units at all levels of the system should point out hidden dangers according to the inspection team and carry out self-examination and self-improvement. The main leaders of the inspected units should personally promote the rectification, clarify the responsible departments and completion time limits, ensure the investment of human, material, and financial resources for rectification, and make every effort to carry out it. It is necessary to organize all employees to study the "List of Major Accident Hazards in Medical Institutions (Trial)", with the main party and government leaders taking the lead in studying and ensuring that it is spread to all cadres and employees. In particular, the main person in charge, and the safety management personnel should accurately grasp the criteria for determining hidden benefits in major accidents and effectively improve their ability to detect and solve problems. Each medical and health institution should, according to the seven aspects of the "Major Accident Hazard Determination Checklist for Medical Institutions (Trial)", checks item by item, and establishes "two lists" of major accident hazards ledgers and institutional measures ledgers. Municipal health commissions and medical and health institutions should establish and improve the rules of procedure for safety committees and effectively play the role of safety committees.

Member of the leadership team of the Municipal Health Commission, responsible comrade of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Group of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervisory Committee at the Municipal Health Commission, the main leaders and leaders in charge of offices of the Municipal Health Commission, Municipal Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention, Beijing Hospitals Authority, and district health commissions, all tertiary hospitals, units directly affiliated to the Municipal Health Commission, and relevant responsible comrades from the Health Bureau of the Logistics Support Department of the Central Military Commission, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Peking University School of Medicine and other medical entities, and the tertiary military hospitals attended the meeting.