Mid-term Review and Supervision Training Meeting of Diversity Training Project for Medical Social Workers in Beijing Held
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

On April 28, the mid-term review and supervision training meeting of diversity training project for medical social workers in Beijing was held. Relevant leaders from the Public Rights and Interests Protection Office of the Municipal Health Commission, the Beijing Health Management Association and 45 medical social work project units attended the meeting.

The meeting is divided into two stages, review supervision and special training. The medical institutions participating in the meeting reported on the current project progress one by one. The review experts made comments based on the project mission objectives and the on-site reports, and put forward opinions and suggestions for the next step. Based on the mid-term evaluation and supervision of the diversified training of medical social workers, relevant experts are invited to conduct training on auditing project fund management and expenditure use, system construction of the medical social work department, how medical social workers open up their work situation, social resource linkage and integrated management, planning and organization of hospital volunteer service project and organizational management practices and other topics.

In September last year, in order to continue to expand the coverage of medical social workers and explore the development model, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission selected and determined 45 diversified training projects for medical social workers. After preliminary training, supervision and resource support, the internal driving force for development has continued to increase. In the next step, the units should benchmark project goals, strengthen the construction of systems and mechanisms, and deepen project output results. The first is to speed up the progress of the project, advance it solidly according to the plan, and evaluate the cultivation effects by category. The second is to increase the intensity of cultivation, carry out targeted training and diversified supervision, and continue to improve the professionalism of medical social workers. The third is to standardize project expenditures and strictly implement financial management regulations, and resolutely keep the bottom line. The fourth is to increase publicity work, make full use of public accounts and WeChat groups to promote project results, and further enhance awareness. The fifth is to do a good job in project completion, check for deficiencies and fill in gaps based on expert guidance, and ensure that the project will achieve expected results to assist the high-quality development of medical social workers in Beijing.