Seminar on Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 with Experts from China and Guinea and Forum on Medical Support Team Members Held
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission




On December 11, 2020, in order to promote the construction of 30 counterpart cooperation mechanisms between China and Africa, and strengthen the cooperation and exchanges between China and Guinea, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission and the Guinea Health and Security Administration passed the Telemedicine Platform for China-Africa Friendship Hospital Construction Pilot Project and jointly held a seminar on the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 with experts from China and Guinea.

Zheng Jinpu thanked the Ministry of Health of Guinea, Guinea Health and Security Administration and the China-Guinea Friendship Hospital for their long-term support to the work of the Chinese medical team.

Sakoba Keita, director of the Guinea Health and Security Administration and deputy director Buna Yatassa thanked China for the technical and material assistance provided to Guinea in fighting the pandemic, and introduced the current situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, the prevention and control measures and strategies adopted, etc. in Guinea. They also communicated with China experts on the challenges and problems they are facing. Sandy, director of the China-Guinea Friendship Hospital, said that this is China's best support for the prevention and control of the epidemic in Guinea.

After the meeting, the relevant leaders of Beijing Municipal Health Commission, Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Xuanwu Hospital as well as the 28th batch of medical support team members for Guinea had a remote discussion. Zheng Jinpu affirmed that the medical team has overcome various pressures and steadily promoted foreign aid medical work under the background of the global pandemic of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, also provided guidance for the team members on epidemic prevention and control. Zhang Wei, the head of the medical team, reported on the work of the medical team in the past three months.