"Pioneers of Building Dreams"Party Branches of Municipal Health Commission Organs Jointly Held Themed Party Day Activities
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

  On November 9th, before of the commemoration day of "December 9th  Movement", the Party branch of the Retired Cadres Office of the Municipal Health  Commission, the Party branch of the Party Committee of the organs and the first  and the second Party branches of the retired members jointly launched the  "Pioneers of Building Dreams" themed party day activities. The members went to  the "December 9th Movement Memorial Pavilion" located in the Beijing Botanical  Garden and recalled and learned the revolutionary history and the spirit.


  All party members walked to the "December 9th Movement Memorial Pavilion"  at the Beijing Botanical Garden. The memorial pavilion is composed of three  small triangular pavilions, and the three triangles form a three-dimensional  Chinese character "people", which symbolizes the awakening of the general public  and their determination to resist aggression.


  The members visited the memorial pavilion and a series of memorial  buildings, listened to the volunteer explanations of the party members of the  branch and watched the introduction of pictures and texts. They also exchanged  views on the origin, history and far-reaching significance of the "December 9th  Movement".


  After the event, the incumbent and retired party members expressed that we  should remember the history and our original aspirations, continue to contribute  to the development of health system, and work hard to realize the Chinese dream  of the great rejuvenation.