General Election Conferences of Retired Members Party Branches of Municipal Health Commission Organs Convened
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

  On the morning of November 16th and 17th, general election conferences of  the first and the second party branches of organs of the Municipal Health  Commission were convened. More than 120 party members participated in the  conferences. The meeting was chaired by Xiao Xun and Li Yunli, the secretary of  the first and the second party branch respectively. Wang Xiaoe, member of the  Party Committee of the Municipal Health Commission, executive deputy director of  the Municipal Office of Aging, secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of  the Municipal Association of Aging, attended the meeting and delivered a  speech.

  The conference started with the solemn national anthem. The work reports of  the party branches were delivered and passed. The participants approved the  general election method, the list of candidates for branch committees, and the  list of scrutineers and tellers of branch committees by voting,.


  Wang Xiaoe, a member of the party committee, emphasized in her speech that  we must fully understand the implementation and actively respond to the national  strategy to the aging of the population, and create a learning-oriented party  organization for the objective of lifelong learning lifestyle. It is necessary  to innovate the working methods of retired cadres and actively build a platform  for them to integrate, build and share social development.


  After the meeting, the retired party members were inspired and responded  enthusiastically. They agreed that this conference is an inspiring and cohesive  event with high standing, high standards, and high quality. The party branches  and the retired members will maintain their original intentions, keep pace with  the times, further strengthen the construction of the party organization,  continue to release positive energy, and contribute to the development of the  capital's health industry.