Epidemic Report (January 2024) on Notifiable Infectious Diseases in Beijing
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

1. Epidemic overview

In January 2024 (from 0:00 on January 1 to 24:00 on January 31), a total of 193,112 cases of 19 notifiable infectious diseases and 6 deaths were reported in Beijing. The reported diseases are mainly Viral Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Pertussis, Scarlet Fever, Syphilis, COVID-19, Influenza, Other Infectious Diarrhea, Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, etc.

Recently, the respiratory infectious diseases in Beijing are still dominated by Influenza, with influenza B virus as the main epidemic strain. The epidemic activity of Influenza is still at a high level, showing a continued downtrend. The activity of COVID-19 shows a rising trend on the basis of the previous lower level of epidemic. JN.1 mutant strain is the main epidemic strain of local COVID-19 cases in Beijing. Expert analysis believes that in the near future, Beijing will continue to show alternating or co-epidemic trends of various respiratory diseases. With the increase in mobility and crowd gathering around the Spring Festival, the COVID-19 epidemic is expected to gradually increase.

2. Health tips

As the Spring Festival holiday approaches, people movement and gathering activities becomes more frequent, rising the risk of respiratory infectious diseases. Citizens are recommended to,firstly,wear masks scientifically, pay attention to cough etiquette, and perform good hand hygiene when taking public transportation or going to closed or crowded public places. The secondis to do a good job in health monitoring. If symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat and other symptoms occur, it is necessary to take measures such as resting at home, taking medicine or seeking medical treatment in a timely manner according to the situation, and avoid participating in group activities. The thirdis to encourage citizens who meet the vaccination requirements, such as the elderly and those with low immune function, to actively take the initiative to receive the COVID-19 vaccine containing XBB antigen components. The fourthis to pay attention to diet and drinking water hygiene, avoid eating raw or semi-raw seafood and aquatic products, and maintain a balanced diet, regular work and rest arrangement, and physical and mental health. Fifth, people travelling or returning home should protect themselves during the journey. Citizens who have travel plans during the Spring Festival holiday are advised to pay close attention to the epidemic situation of infectious diseases at the destination, and take various health protection measures according to the physical conditions of themselves and their accompanying family members, to have a safe, healthy and peaceful holiday.