Weekly First-aid Topic: Care for the elderly and protect their health
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

At noon on May 4, 2024, the West Emergency Center Station received an order from the 120 Dispatch and Command Center, asking for assisting the police to provide emergency treatment to the elderly who are at risk of falling from a high place. The ambulance crew is concerned about the safety of the patients and assembled and set off immediately. Under the premise of ensuring safe driving, the ambulance rushed to the scene as quickly as possible. When arriving, the crew saw that the window on the fifth floor was open. An old man was sitting on the outdoor equipment platform on the third floor. His limbs were trembling, and the external fixator for the fracture of his right lower limb had not been removed. About 3 minutes later, the police rescued the old man from the indoor window of the third-floor resident’s home. The emergency medical staff immediately rushed to the old man with emergency equipment such as the medical box and electrocardiogram. The old man was sitting on the sofa with confused language and could not describe how he came from indoors to outdoors. While the doctor gave the old man a physical examination, he asked if he was uncomfortable, and the old man said no. According to the family, the old man suffered from cerebellar atrophy and had abnormal behaviors in daily life, such as frequent falls. Now he has not fully recovered from his leg fracture and needs to be taken care of almost 24 hours a day. The accident happened when the family was taking a lunch break. The family said that they were very scared. Fortunately, the old man did not fall from a high place, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.

Such incidents remind us that diseases related to aging and degeneration caused by the decline and disorder of human functions will increase with age, such as Alzheimer's disease, cerebellar atrophy, senile mental illness, senile deafness, cerebral arteriosclerosis and stroke caused by cerebral arteriosclerosis. As the society gradually enters an aging development, there will be more and more elderly people around us. They may get lost when their family members are not taking good care of them, or cause accidents due to other abnormal behaviors. Therefore, they need special care from their families and society.

Here are some tips from Beijing 120. As family members, social workers, and nursing workers, you should always pay attention to the health of the elderly, promptly discover the potential diseases showed by the abnormal behavior of the elderly, and be more patient and understanding. The society should also pay more attention and care to these families. Please remember to call 120 in time when it is necessary. The professional emergency personnel will provide a "protective umbrella" for the life safety and health of elderly patients.