Weekly First-aid Topic: Keep healthy diet in the middle of spring and summer
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

In the alternate period of spring and summer, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. It is recommended to avoid dressing the children, especially the babies, too much or too little. Children over one year old start to like sports. Wearing too much will make them sweat a lot. They may catch a cold encountering cold wind. Therefore, it is recommended prepare a coat for your child. According to the body feeling, the child could take it off when it is hot and put it on when it is cold.

Spring is the season of various vegetables and fruits. In terms of diet, it is recommended to eat some fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables instead of greasy and high-fat foods. You can choose the high-protein foods such as fish, shrimp, and beef to achieve a balanced intake of nutrients.

As the weather gradually get hotter, it is necessary to drink more water. It is not suggested to drink various beverages instead of boiled water. Beverages with high sugar content, such as soda and fruit juice, and rich in vitamins and inorganic salts, which are not only difficult for human cells to absorb, but also make you thirstier after drinking by consuming water during oxidative decomposition. It is best to drink some warm water regularly every day to warm your stomach and replenish some water.

The turn of spring and summer is a good time for outings. Some people like to dig some wild vegetables to eat. They think that the wild vegetables on the roadside are natural, pollution-free and healthy. In fact, it is difficult for ordinary people to tell whether these wild vegetables on the roadside are poisonous or not. It is easy to get poisoned if you eat them casually. The wild vegetables near chemical plants are not suitable for eating. If you plan to eat them, it is necessary to clean and cook them thoroughly.

Here are some health recommendations from Beijing 120. If you experience poisoning symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, and general weakness after eating, you should stop eating immediately. If the patient is conscious, emetic measures can be used to reduce the body's absorption of poisons. It is necessary to all 120 as soon as possible and seek medical treatment promptly and bring some food samples to the doctor for diagnosis and treatment.