Weekly First-aid Topic: Be cautious when traveling in spring
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

The spring breeze makes people full of vitality as the spring coming again. While enjoying the beautiful spring days and going out for fun, it is necessary to pay attention to your own safety to avoid danger. On April 7, 2024, the emergency team of Changgou 120 Emergency Station in Fangshan District quickly dispatched the ambulance after receiving a mission. The doctor asked the patient in detail on the way and learned that the patient had low back pain due to a fall injury. Since the location is on a mountain and it is quite far, the crew estimated the approximate time required and speeded up. The doctor asked the family members to pay attention to the surrounding environment, avoid moving the patient, and calm the patient's emotions.

After arriving in the mountainous area, the doctor asked about the patient’s specific location and learned more about the injury. It turned out that when the patient and his wife were driving their motorcycle down the mountain, the wheels slipped and rolled over and they fell down the mountain. The rugged mountain ways with dense branches made the rescue environment very harsh. After trying for several times, the emergency crew found the patient and immediately conducted a physical examination. The patient's left shoulder and waist were seriously injured and he was unable to move on his own. After the crew performed on-site first aid treatment, they fixed the patient on a shovel stretcher and worked together with his families to lift the patient into the ambulance. During the transfer, the doctor Qiu Shuang and the nurse Wu Junhe paid close attention to the patient's condition, comforted the patient and the family members, to ensure that the patient was in good condition before being transferred to the receiving hospital for further treatment.

Here are some tips from Beijing 120. Please do not climb wild mountains for safety reasons. It is necessary to always be vigilant when walking or driving in mountainous areas, observe the environment, and drive carefully and slowly. The mountain environment is complex with stones, sand, and fallen branches in your way, which may cause obstacles. Dense trees can easily cause scratches. The changing light in the mountain forest may also cause dizziness, posing potential risks. Once you are injured, you could call the emergency number immediately, follow the guidance of professionals, and wait at a safe place for rescuers to arrive.