Weekly First-aid Topic: Pay attention to safety in season of strong wind
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

On March 19, 2024, Beijing issued a blue wind warning to remind people to pay attention to travel safety in windy weather. At around 15:00 in the afternoon, the Beijing 120 Dispatch and Command Center received a call. In a bicycle repair station, a female patient was pinched in her lower limbs because the glass door was blown by strong winds. The emergency ambulance crew was dispatched quickly, providing emergency treatment to the patient immediately and the patient was sent to the hospital for further treatment.

On days with strong winds, in addition to keeping warm, it is necessary to beware of falling objects from high places such as glass, wall coverings, tiles, flower pots on balconies, and various billboards and wires hanging high. These objects may be blown down by the wind, causing danger. When people pass through such areas, it is necessary to observe firstly, and keep a certain distance from high-rise buildings. Especially if you have heard or seen the shattering sound of glass falling to the ground or the crumbling billboards in the front, it is necessary to pay more attention and even avoid the path. Especially at high-rise building construction sites, although various protective facilities are available there, unsafe factors will be greatly increased on the days of strong winds. In addition, in windy weather, especially during sandstorms, it is necessary to be careful when crossing the road because the driving visibility will be affected and traffic accidents are very likely to occur. When staying at home, it is recommended to check and close your doors and windows to prevent damage from strong winds and injuries.

Here are some tips from Beijing 120. Ensuring health and safety is always the first priority. Especially when severe weather comes, it is necessary to strengthen self-protection, improve safety awareness, and avoid danger in time. In emergencies, it is necessary to call the emergency number and seek professional help.