Weekly First-aid Topic: Slow down on slippery roads after snow
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

On December 14, 2023, the weather was windy and snowy. The Du Xintian team of the Beijing Emergency Center Western Emergency Center Station received a mission of urgent rescue for a delivery rider who accidentally fell. The crew quickly assembled and headed to the scene. On the way, Doctor Du Xintian called the scene to inquire about the patient's injury and asked the patient to pay attention to safety. After arrival, the medical crew immediately carried first aid equipment and ran to the patient despite the wind and snow. Dr. Du performed a preliminary examination on the patient. The patient's vital signs were stable. He was diagnosed with a fracture of his left calf and there was no other discomfort. Dr. Du, Dr. Li and Nurse Zhang worked in tacit cooperation and quickly fixed the patient’s leg with a soft splint. Afterwards, the crew worked together to lift the patient onto the stretcher, sent him into the warm ambulance, and drove to the receiving hospital.

Here are some tips from 120. The roads are slippery and muddy after snow, which brings certain risks to people going out. Whether you are walking, riding, or driving, it is necessary to be extra careful and slow down to avoid injury. If an unexpected situation occurs, you could dial 120 immediately for medical emergency help.