Party Committee of Municipal Health Commission Visited Senior Party Members and Party Members in Poverty
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

On the occasion of the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Lei Haichao, secretary of the Party Committee and director of the Municipal Health Commission, and other representatives came to Beijing Tiantan Hospital and Beijing Friendship Hospital. They visited the senior party members and party members suffering from poverty and sent them the care of the organization. They also encouraged them not to forget the reason for joining the party, and always be advanced as a party member.
On the afternoon of July 1, Lei Haichao first came to Beijing Tiantan Hospital and visited two party members with financial difficulty. Lei Haichao said that although the two comrades were unfortunately sick, they were able to not forget their own work and return to the clinical position as soon as they recovered. They are good examples for the party members.
At the Friendship Hospital, Lei Haichao visited the senior member of the Red Army Xue Guang and the world famous expert on leprosy prevention Professor Li Yuying. At the same time as sending the blessings, Secretary Lei Haichao, together with the old party members and experts “remembered the past, staying true to the original intention, and fulfilling the duties". He called on the party members to learn from their advanced role models, inherit the glorious tradition, and take practical actions to promote and contribute to the new development of the health cause of the capital.