Municipal Health Commission Organized Training Course for Health Emergency Skills
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

From June 25th to 28th, 2019, the Emergency Office of the Municipal Health Commission organized the Beijing Training Course for Health Emergency Skills of 2019 on “Field Rescue Techniques” for the National Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Team (Beijing) and the National Poisoning Disposition Team (Beijing) for more than 100 members.
The training invited experts from the Municipal Anti-Terrorism Office, the Beijing Emergency Center, and the Municipal Center for Diseases Prevention and Control. The students came from 16 districts and 7 municipal-level medical and health institutions in Beijing. The content of the training covers on-site disposal of infectious disease emergencies and poisoning emergencies, on-site first aid skills, on-site disinfection techniques, and personal protective skills. Experts gave lectures on the knowledge and skills related to on-site rescue and disposal. Through lectures and assessments, the students achieved the goal of training teams and improving their abilities.