Municipal Health Commission Held Training Course on Released Testing Items and Methods for Stem Cell Preparations Commonly Used by Recorded Institutions
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

On June 25, 2019, the Municipal Health Commission held a training course on the released testing items and methods for stem cell preparations commonly used by recorded institutions. More than 60 people in charge of the preparation of dry cell preparations, the release of preparation quality, and the persons in charge of GCP quality control of filing agencies and related medical institutions in Beijing participated in the training.
The training lecture was given by Yuan Baozhu, director of Cell Resource Storage and Research Center of National Institutes for Food and Drug Control. The training was carried out from the aspects covering determination of cell quality attributes, quality control system for stem cell, technology, process and quality control of stem cell preparation, quality inspection/release test/review test of stem cell preparation, and the key inspection items that the filing organization should understand. Participants exchanged ideas on the construction of quality management systems, testing environmental and management requirements for stem cell clinical research, and inspection personnel, venues, and departmental equipment for releasing.