Municipal Health Commission Launched Application for Special Research Projects for Capital Health Development of 2020
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

On May 22, the Municipal Health Commission held the 2020 Start-up and Training Meeting on Application of Special Research Projects for Capital Health Development (hereinafter referred to as the first special project). A total of 1,5oo people, including research management personnel and scientific research personnel of medical and health institutions and scientific research institutions in Beijing attended the meeting.
At the meeting, Director Song Mei of the Science and Education Department of the Municipal Health Commission explained the management requirements for the first special projects and the application guide for the first special projects on western medicine and transformation projects in 2020. Director Wang Huiling of the Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine elaborated on the application guide for projects on TCM. Professor Zhao Dong from the Beijing Institute of Cardiopulmonary and Vascular Diseases, Professor Liu Xiaoqing from Peking Union Medical College Hospital, and Professor Peng Xiaoxia from Beijing Children's Hospital were invited to discuss the basic principles of proposing, constructing and selecting research questions, and key points in the writing of clinical research tenders.
The “Application Guidelines for the 2020 Special Research Projects for Capital Health Development” was issued at the meeting. Four key projects of key research, independent innovation, grassroots popularization and youth talents are set up for the 2020 first special projects, to support the first-line medical staff to conduct applied research in clinical, public health and medical management. In order to promote the synergy innovation of medical and health work, transformation projects are added to the first special project in the independent innovation project, which specifically supports the transformation research work based on the research and development of medical health products and market application prospects. In order to encourage researchers to improve the research level, a rolling support mechanism for excellent projects is established, as well as an incentive mechanism for the national and Beijing science and technology award winners to increase the number of application projects. At the same time, for the first time, the disciplinary punishment measures for honesty are introduced, and the applicants who had problems in integrity and the implementation of the previous project will be cancelled for application qualification. The first special projects for 2020 will be applied through individual application and assessed by methodological evaluation, institution review, formal review, business and joint review of budget and profession, department review, publicity and signing of the task book.