Municipal Health Commission Held Beijing 2019 Promotion and Training Conference for “Nutritional”
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

On the occasion of the 30th Chinese Student Nutrition Day, on May 20, 2019, the Municipal Health Commission and the Municipal Education Commission held the Beijing 2019 Promotion and Training Conference for “Nutritional” Campus at Beijing Runfeng School.
In 2018, with the theme of “Nutritional Campus Food”, the three activities including “Chef Teach You to Make Nutritional Meal”, “Thank Food” and “Recipe Design for Lunch in Primary School” were launched. The activity has also received strong support from the parents of the students, reflecting the parents' attention to the lunch of the students in the city, and 2,773 copies of the parents' lunch recipes were collected. All three activities received strong support and cooperation from the health and education departments of the city. A total of 896 works were received, and there are more than 85% of schools in some districts participating in the activity.
In 2019, the theme of the "Nutritional" Campus - Balanced Diet in Campus Action of Beijing is "nutrition and food safety", the Municipal Health Commission and the Municipal Education Commission will promote the work comprehensively around this theme. It mainly includes four aspects. One is to improve the knowledge and skills related to nutrition and food safety of students and catering personnel through publicity and training. The second is to analyze the existing nutritional and health problems and main influencing factors to provide basis for formulating relevant nutrition improvement strategies and measures. The third is to allow more school catering administrators to improve the catering ability and cooking skills of nutritional meal, to provide students with safer and more nutritious meals during school. The fourth is to display the excellent works in the 2018 "Nutritional Campus Food" activities, organize the award-winning quiz on the development of food safety and nutrition