Municipal Health Commission Held Deployment Meeting to Implement Instructions of Video Conference for Prevention and Control of Infections of National Health Commission
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

On the afternoon of May 14, 2019, the Municipal Health Commission held a deployment meeting to implement the instructions of the video conference for the prevention and control of infections of the National Health Commission.
At the meeting, the Medical Management and Administration Department notified the relevant national and municipal laws and regulations on prevention and control of hospital infection and put forward clear requirements for the next step. First, medical institutions in Beijing shall further take the main responsibility, strengthen organizational leadership, and establish and improve the management related organizational structure related to medical safety. Second, it is necessary to strengthen risk management to ensure patients’ safety. Third, it is necessary to stabilize the team, train talents, and provide a good working platform for personnel on infection prevention and control. Fourth, it is necessary to strengthen training, improve the technical capability of prevention and control of hospitals infection and carry out the work of hospital infection according to the law. The fifth is to firmly stick to the main line, the bottom line, and the red line, find problems and solve problems in time, and prevent group infections from happening.
Leaders of Medical Management and Administration Department and Maternal and Child Health Department of the Municipal Health Commission, Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Peking University Health Science Center, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Municipal Administration Center of Hospitals, Municipal Quality Control Center for Hospital Infection, Municipal Quality Control Center for Pediatrics, health commissions of each district, the heads of medical administration departments and related departments, the main responsible staff of medical affairs, infection control and related clinical departments of hospitals of secondary and above level, attended the meeting.