A Series of Publicity Activity were Held for World Family Doctors’ Day in Beijing
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

May 19 this year was the ninth World Family Doctors’ Day. The Beijing Municipal Health Commission held a series of publicity activities, such as a communication activity for the grassroots medical and health institutions in seven provinces and municipalities, the conference for family doctors in Beijing, performances for family doctors, and the second session of “5•19 Walking Activity”, to celebrate the ninth "World Family Doctors’ Day".
Mr. Li Guodong, Chairman of the World Family Doctors Organization, congratulated the Beijing event through a video clip. Wang Hesheng, deputy director of the National Health Commission, Liang Wannian, director of the System Reform Department of the National Health Commission, and Lei Haichao, director of Party Committee of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, attended the event. More than 2,700 community health workers and community residents from seven provinces and cities participated in the event.
During the event, Wang Hesheng, deputy director of the National Health Commission, first expressed his respects and greetings to all family doctors and all medical staff who worked hard to promote the health of the people. He also fully affirmed the publicity activities for the World Family Doctors’ Day.
Liang Wannian, director of the System Reform Department of the National Health Commission, gave a report entitled "The development of general medicine in the new background of medical reforms in the new era". Liu Liqun, deputy inspector of the Primary Health Department, introduced the development of the family doctor contracting service in the country. Representatives from various provinces and cities also exchanged experience on family doctor contracting services.
Lei Haichao, secretary of the Party Committee and director of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, participated in a series of publicity activities. At the Beijing Conference for Family Doctors, Director Lei Haichao made a special report on the separation of medicine and treatment and the signing service for family doctors. He affirmed the family doctors for protecting the health of the residents, which shows the spirit of selfless dedication and great love of the doctors.
Grassroots health workers from all districts of the city participated in the performances of World Family Doctors' Day with self-made and self-directed programs, and presented gifts to the World Family Doctors’ Day with wonderful performances. During the event, an award ceremony was held for “Emotional moments – selection of warm-hearted photography collections of family doctors” and “Star of the Year”.
The series of promotional activities are rich in content and diverse in form, which enhances the interaction between family doctors and contracted residents, spreads the concept of scientific and healthy life, promotes exchanges and cooperation between family doctors, and fully demonstrates the professionalism of family doctors, creating a social atmosphere that cares for family doctors.