A Letter to Family Doctors in Beijing on World Family Doctors’ Day
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

In May, everything is full of vitality and hope and we welcomed the 9th World Family Doctors’ Day. Here, I would like to extend my best wishes to 6,378 family doctors and 4,100 family doctor teams in the city, and respect to their families and friends, and thanks to friends from all walks of life who care about the reform and development of the grassroots health in the capital.
Over the years, with the strong leadership and support of relevant department of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, the family doctors and their teams have developed with innovation and promoted the continuous improvement of contracting services of family doctors, providing convenient, beneficial and quality medical and health services for residents. They actively participated in medical reform and made positive contributions to the construction of system of the graded diagnosis and treatment. Since the comprehensive reform of the separation of medicine and treatment, the number of people accepting treatment from emergency departments in the city's primary hospitals and primary health care institutions has increased by nearly 30%. In 2018, a resident survey of the Municipal Bureau of Statistics showed that 90% of the respondents indicated that they are generally satisfied with the family doctor contracting service.
At present, the health system of Beijing has earnestly implemented the health work guidelines of the party in the new era and vigorously promoted the comprehensive reform of separation of medicine and treatment. It will implement the comprehensive reform of medical consumable linkage. The municipal government will further improve the incentive mechanism, implement the “two permission” policies, improve the informatization level of grassroots health, actively promote “smart home doctors”, promote the orderly and effective popularization of quality resources, and provide more powerful policy guarantee and technical support for grassroots health workers, to enable residents to enjoy basic medical services that are same with secondary and tertiary hospitals at their doorstep.
Family doctors are the guardians of residents' health. It is hoped that the grassroots health workers will continue to carry forward the lofty spirit of "respecting life, saving life, dedicating, and loving without borders", actively participating in the reform of the medical and health system, and continuing to strive for improving the health services of the people. The family doctors shall expand the service connotation, delve into professional technology, improve medical ethics, provide more quality health services for the whole life-cycle of the masses, and present the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China with a new spirit and excellent work performance.
I wish the family doctors (teams) of Beijing a happy holiday, good health and a happy family.