Beijing Municipal Health Commission Attaches Importance to Safety Production during Major Events
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

On May 8th, Video Conference for the Safety Production of the National Health System, Beijing Municipal Health Commission reported on ideas and measures for safe production during major events.
The Beijing Health System undertakes important tasks such as providing medical and health protection for major government events. In accordance with the decisions and arrangements of the National Health Commission and the Beijing Municipal Government, the Municipal Health Commission adheres to the principle of ensuring safety and stability during the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, taking various measures to carry out work for safe production.
The commission adheres to early deployment, early arrangements, and strengthen organizational leadership for safety production of the system. In response to the major events such as the Belt and Road Summit, the World Horticultural Exposition, the Asian Civilization Dialogue, and the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the “Notice on Safe Production during the Major Events”, the “Work Plan for the Safety and Stability of Major Events in 2019” and other related documents were formulated and issued. Lei Haichao, secretary of the Party Committee and director of the commission, organized a meeting on work for safety production, requiring institutions at all levels to strictly implement industry supervision, territorial management and responsibility of organization, and do all the work resolutely in accordance with the standards of “absolutely excellence and risk-free”.
The commission adheres to early investigation and early management to effectively eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers in safety production of the health system. Methods such as the institution self-inspection, the general inspection of each district, the spot check of the whole city, as well as expert supervision and inspection were taken to check and eliminate hidden dangers completely. Experts on hazardous chemicals, fire safety and anti-terrorism from scientific research institutions and specialized agencies were invited to carry out targeted inspections. Since the beginning of this year, the safety hazards identified by the municipal hospitals and public health units have been rectified basically.
The commission adheres to early prevention and early disposal to strive to reduce and avoid safety production accidents. It focuses on ensuring safety and stability during major events, and guide all institutions to hire full-time personnel for rectification work and link the results of rectification of hidden dangers with administrative licenses, technical access, and research projects. We will improve emergency response plans and prepare technical, personnel and material preparation for various emergencies such as major traffic and major mass casualties. In accordance with the requirements of shared responsibility of party and government, dual responsibility of one position, common inspection and supervision as well as claiming responsibility for negligence, the units and individuals that have incompletely investigated and rectified hidden dangers and incurred safety production accidents are given serious warnings and investigating interviews, or to professional agencies. In order to ensure the safety production work during major events according to the principles of implementing organizational leadership, positional duties, work connections, and hidden dangers elimination.