Assessment of Standardized Training of Clinical Practice Ability of Resident Physicians in Beijing of 2019 Successfully Completed
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

From April 13th to April 29th, the assessment of standardized training of clinical practice ability of resident physicians in Beijing of 2019 was successfully completed. 1686 resident doctors from 50 training bases (including collaborative hospitals) and 1,403 graduate students on professional degree from 6 universities, a total of 3,089 people participated in 31 professional assessments. 20 evaluation bases including Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Peking University First Hospital and Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, more than 2,600 examiners and examination staff participated in the assessment.
In 2019, the method of the completion assessment of standardized training on clinical practice ability of resident doctors is constantly improved on the basis of the previous work. First, the clinical ability was strengthened, and the assessment of completion highlights the assessment of post competency and communication skills, and adopts a method of multi-station objective standardized assessment. The second is to highlight the professional characteristics. The various special committees constantly improve the assessment content and methods combined with professional characteristics according to the 2019 national assessment requirements for clinical practice ability. The third is to adopt an assessment method combining bedside patients and standardized patients to form a standardized patient team composed of non-medical workers. Some professional standardized patients also participated in the score feedback. The fourth is to fully apply electronic scoring. Using electronic means to develop an electronic scoring module and to conduct an exercise of inductor's simulated scoring to assess all trained professions by electronic scoring. The fifth is to increase the intensity of examination management. The special committee signed a confidentiality agreement, recording the entire process of the examination for inspection, and randomly assigning the test location of the examinee. The information of the examiner and the examiner's employer is concealed, and the management personnel are assigned to each major for inspection, which effectively guaranteed the standardization, orderly and smooth progress of the completion assessment of 2019.