Beijing Municipal Health Commission Held the Beijing Conference on Rural Doctor Training of 2019
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

On April 25, 2019, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission held the Beijing Conference on Rural Doctor Training of 2019, marking the full launch of the rural doctor training in Beijing in 2019. The participants of the meeting were the person in charge of the Science and Technology Education Department and the head of the Grassroots Health Department of the Municipal Health Commission, the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Medical Education Association, and the heads of the departments of the health committees of the agriculture-related areas, and the heads of the training centers, with a total of more than 300 people.
At the meeting, the training of rural doctors in Beijing in 2018 was summarized and the work in 2019 was deployed. The policy of rural doctors in Beijing was interpreted and the progress of targeted enrollment and training of rural doctors were introduced. Representatives of Changping District and Tongzhou District made model speeches.
It was pointed out at the meeting that rural doctors are the bottom of grassroots health services. Organizations at all levels must start from the overall situation of implementing "Healthy China 2030" and rural revitalization strategies, comprehensively improve the service capacity of rural doctors, and make efforts to overcome shortcomings and improve strengths. It is necessary to fully understand the importance of strengthening the construction of rural doctor teams and improving their service capacity. It is an important task in deepening the reform of the medical and health system, incorporating government management objectives and responsibility assessment indicators, strengthening leadership and organization, and making progress firmly.