Beijing Municipal Health Commission Won Various Awards
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission system reported a serious of good news. The emergency department of Beijing Friendship Hospital and the eye center of Beijing Tongren Hospital won the National Worker Pioneer. Liu Lihong of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital won the National Woman Model of May 1st. Wang Kerong of Beijing Ditan Hospital and Qian Suyun of Beijing Children's Hospital won the National Red Flag Bearer of March Eighth. The nursing team of Oncology Department of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Occupational Diseases and Poisoning Medicine Department of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Breast Department of Beijing Tiantan Hospital won the National Woman Demonstrative Post. Mi Yuhong from Beijing Anzhen Hospital and Lou Yunrong from Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention won the National Woman Model of Health. Beijing Pediatric Research Institute won the Capital Labor Award and Yu Hong from Beijing Friendship Hospital won the Capital Labor Medal. Individuals and collectives commended are dedicated and innovative in their work, creating outstanding achievements and winning recognition from all walks of life.
For a long time, the labor union of the commission have vigorously cultivated and actively promoted the core values of socialism, focusing on the "craftsman spirit" and earnestly awarding outstanding individuals and institutions. In the next step, the labor union will organize various forms of learning and publicity activities, vigorously publicize the typical deeds of advanced collectives and individuals, promote the spirit of labor model, labor spirit and craftsman spirit, and stimulate the enthusiasm of the cadres and workers of the whole system.