Beijing Municipal Health Commission Organized Joint Supervision and Guidance on Treatment Maintenance of Drug Rehabilitation Medicine OF Clinics
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

In order to do a good job in the of outpatient treatment maintenance of drug rehabilitation medicine in our city, ensure the safe operation of outpatient clinics, and give full play to the role of treatment maintenance of drug rehabilitation medicine in drug control and AIDS prevention, on April 10 and 11, 2019, Municipal Health Commission, Public Security Bureau, the Supervisory Authority of Drugs and the Municipal Center for Disease Prevention and Control jointly conducted on-site supervision of six district-level working groups and 10 outpatient clinics on treatment maintenance of drug rehabilitation medicine in the city. The supervision is mainly aimed at the organization and management of the district-level working group, the mechanism of management, safety and drug management of each clinic. In this supervision, the group on drug maintenance treatment of methadone community in each district paid great attention to the methadone community drug maintenance treatment. The health, public security, drug management departments and local police stations have established a good communication linkage mechanism. The internal management system of the outpatient clinic is complete. The storage and management of methadone oral solution is in line with the management rules of narcotic drugs.
Through this supervision, some problems have also been discovered. First, some relevant departments of individual district-level working groups are still not very active, and the departmental linkages still need to be strengthened. Second, the incentive mechanism for outpatient medical staff is insufficient, resulting in large mobility of personnel. Third, there are still some patients taking away drug without authorization.
In response to the problems found in the inspection, the inspection team also put forward the requirement that the maintenance of drug treatment is a long-term social work. The municipal and district departments should further strengthen communication and coordination, and carefully sort out the internal and external issues of departments and clinics. According to the different situations of each district, the existing problems should be solved according to local conditions.