Beijing Municipal Health Commission Carried out Inspection and Guidance on the Key Infectious Diseases in Spring in the City
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

From April 8 to 10, 2019, experts from the Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control and education department conducted city-level spot checks on the prevention and control of key infectious diseases in 32 schools and 16 medical institutions in 16 districts in the city.
This inspection focused on the prevention and control of key infectious diseases in spring in various districts, and the implementation of prevention and control measures for key infectious diseases in spring. Special inspection and guidance were conducted on the implementation of prevention and control measures in school and nurseries for key infectious diseases in spring such as Influenza, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, and Viral Gastroenterology, and the opening of intestinal inpatient clinics in various districts.
The result showed that all districts attach great importance to the prevention and control of infectious diseases in spring, and the departments of health and education have established a joint work mechanism for prevention and control. The schools and nursery institutions have formulated work programs and epidemic reporting procedures for relevant infectious disease prevention and control, and carried out knowledge publicity activities on prevention and control targeting the seasonal characteristics of infectious diseases. Relevant units carried out innovative work with their own characteristics in light of their own actualities. Intestinal clinics in all districts carried out monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of diarrhea case as required. It was also found that some units had nonstandard record of absence due to illness standardized, incorrect disinfectant ratio or disinfection method used, unskilled infectious disease epidemiological reporting standards, incomplete record of intestinal diarrhea cases in clinics, and other problems. The experts of the inspection team gave feedback and guidance on site, and put forward suggestions for rectification. In the next step, the commission will inform the result of the inspection and urge the rectification of the institutions.