Beijing Municipal Health Commission Held Analysis and Assessment Meeting on Public Health Emergencies
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

On March 22, 2019, the Municipal Health Commission held a case analysis and assessment meeting for public health emergencies in Beijing. More than 50 people, including the responsible staff of the emergency departments of the district health commissions (the health and family planning commissions), the directors and the responsible personnel of the district CDC, attended the meeting. Representatives of 12 districts reported on the response to public health emergencies in 2018, including cholera, influenza, avian influenza, hand, foot and mouth disease, chickenpox, noro acute gastroenteritis, tuberculosis, pneumonia mycoplasma pneumonia, Japanese encephalitis, typhoid fever and other various epidemics. Experts on control, immunity and prevention of infectious diseases of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted an evaluation of the disposal process and results of each case, and made suggestions on improving monitoring, promoting risk identification, strengthening information reporting, scientifically conducting epidemiological investigations and response. In the future, the city will further improve the summary and assessment of emergencies, establish and improve the summary and evaluation system for emergency response work, and improve the efficiency of public health emergencies response in our city continuously.