Leaders of Municipal Health Commission Went to the Municipal Supervision Office of Health and Other Institutions for Investigation
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

On February 18, 2019, An Xuejun, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Municipal Health Commission, went to the Information Center of the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, the Municipal Supervision Office of Health and Family Planning, and the Municipal Center for Community Health Service Management to investigate information support, comprehensive supervision and community health service guarantee and other work.
At the Information Center of the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, An Xuejun asked the leaders of the center to fully recognize the important role of informatization and big data in Health work, and strictly control the small links of technical support and equipment management through data analysis and statistics. It is necessary to summarize the experience and mistakes to provide the basis for the decision-making of the leaders of the Municipal Health Commission.
At the Supervision Office of Municipal Health and Family Planning, An Xuejun presided over a symposium and listened to the work report of the party secretary, director Li Yajing and other leaders of the office. The first requirement he put forward is to improve the institutional mechanism and establish a sound responsibility system for administrative and law enforcement of the health industry. The second is to implement the main duties and territorial responsibility according to the law, and promote the health and safety supervision and enforcement in place. The third is to highlight the tendency to rectify the problems with profound harm. Fourth, it is necessary to stand on the height of politics and business, and do a good job in the supervision and protection of major activities. The fifth is to do a good job in publicizing and guiding the supervision and law enforcement, and to suppress illegal activities by exposing typical cases.
In the municipal community health service management center, Comrade An Xuejun fully affirmed the center's earnest service guarantee work, and requested the center to strengthen comprehensive construction, strengthen and do the service guarantee work.