A Special Promotion Meeting for Sanitation and Safety of On-site Production and Sale of Drinking Water was Held in Beijing
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission


On January 10, the Municipal Health Commission organized a special promotion meeting for sanitation and safety of on-site production and sale of drinking water. The main leaders, supervisors and relevant department heads of health supervision office at the district and municipal levels attended the meeting.

On December 29, 2018, the Municipal Health Commission issued the Notice on Organizing Special Supervisions on Hygiene Safety of the On-site Production and Sale of Drinking Water. It was decided to carry out a special inspection for three months on on-site production and sale of drinking water machines in the city, and clearly defined the contents, time and requirements of supervision.

Li Yajing, director of the Municipal Health and Family Planning Supervision Office, put forward the requirements for clarifying the number, forming synergy and intensifying efforts to fulfill the statutory duties and do a good job in the city's supervision work.

The responsible staff of the relevant departments of the Municipal Health Commission requested the law enforcement personnel of city's health and family planning supervision system to establish "crisis awareness" and adhere to "stepping forward." It is necessary to start from the basis of ensuring the health and safety of the people's drinking water, obeying the command, and fulfilling the statutory duties. It is of great significance to carry out the special supervision work. It is necessary to strengthen the research on the on-site production and sale of drinking water health and safety supervision, and effectively fulfill the duties.