Municipal Health Commission Carried out a National Seminar on the Construction of National Medical Emergency Teams
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission


The Emergency Office of the Municipal Health Commission recently organized a national seminar on the construction of national medical emergency teams. Participants carried out discussions in terms of personnel management, working mechanism, drill training, material reserve, use of funds, and life support on how to further adapt to the standards and requirements of health emergency work in the new era, how to continuously improve the ability to handle emergencies, etc. A specific project on team building in 2019 was studied at the seminar as well.

The two national health emergency teams for the prevention and control of sudden acute infectious diseases and sudden poisoning incidents in our city are the first batch of national health emergency professional teams. Since the establishment of the teams in 2010, they have supported the brother provinces and cities and played an important role in emergency handling. In recent years, the team management has been continuously refined and the team building has reached a new level.

Relevant responsible staff of the Municipal Center for Diseases Prevention and Control, Municipal Supervision Office for Health and Family Planning, Chaoyang Hospital, Ditan Hospital, Youan Hospital, Anding Hospital and Huilongguan Hospital attended the meeting.