Beijing Municipal Health Commission Conducted Special Inspections on Implementation of Transit Rules for Pre-hospital Medical Emergency
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission


A few days ago, the Municipal Health Commission formulated the "Special Inspection Work Plan for the Implementation of Transit Rules for Pre-hospital Medical Emergency" and entrusted the Beijing Quality Control Center of Pre-hospital Medical First Aid (hereinafter referred to as the "Municipal Pre-Hospital Quality Control Center") to organize 25 experts to form an inspection team. The team conducted special inspections on the implementation of the transit rules for pre-hospital medical first-aid of 120 and 999 system.

In this inspection, the team randomly selected 50 transit cases (30 from the 120 system and 20 from the 999 system), and checked by means of on-site inspection of the routes of ambulances of the command and dispatch center, checking the medical records, and returning calls of patients or family members. The result shows that 49 cases are in line with the relevant regulations, 1 case shows long-distance transiting with unknown reasons. For this case, our commission has requested the Municipal Pre-hospital Quality Control Center to further verify the facts. If the violation of laws and regulations is clearly defined, it will be transferred to relevant institutions for investigation and punishment according to laws.

The inspection effectively supervised the pre-hospital medical emergency institutions to strictly follow the law and regulations, and strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the Beijing Municipal Regulations for Pre-hospital Emergency Services and supporting documents, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the wounded and sick, and continuously improve the quality and level of pre-hospital medical emergency services. Such special inspections will form a normal mechanism.