Notice for New Version of Website of Information Center
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission


According to the new requirements of the national and municipal related policies for the construction of the website, the new version of the website of the information center integrates and perfects part of the original website, and combines the business of the information center to re-plan the main functional modules and contents. New popular elements are added to the new website page and the design is more beautiful and generous, which is in line with the aesthetics of today's mainstream websites. The website has 7 first-level columns, including organization, work dynamics, health informationization, policy standards, historical records, statistical data, and cultural windows and other 27 secondary columns. The home page displays several important sections such as center news, industry news, announcements, government affairs disclosure, public opinion monitoring, online surveys, download areas, etc. It also provides rich and practical navigation and portals to identify and locate requirements in the first place.

The new website of the information center is officially launched on January 1, 2019. The website address is not changed.


Information Center of Beijing Municipal Health Commission

January 1st, 2019