Groups and Persons Recommended by Beijing Family Planning Association were Selected in the “List of Good People in Beijing”
From:Beijing Family Planning Association


The Beijing Family Planning Association actively participated in the publicity and education activities of “Good Personalities and Good Deeds”. Recommended by the family planning associations at all levels, 2 persons (Wang Aiqing and Zhang Yaqing) are selected in the “List of Good Person in Beijing” in 2018 after review, preliminary evaluation and voting. 3 groups (Zhixinjiefang “Talking Treatment” volunteer service of Dongcheng District, “Love Heart Residence” in Balizhuang Street, Chaoyang District, Shiheyingxi Community, Xiangshuiyuan Street, Yanqing District) were on the list. They participated in the press conference of the “List of Good People in Beijing” of 2018. The event has created a strong atmosphere of learning good people around the world, doing good things in society, vying for innovators in the times, and promoting the new era of the times in the family planning associations in Beijing, and achieved good result of publicity.