Medical Experts from Beijing Conducted Free Clinics for Health Poverty Alleviation in Wanquan District
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission


According to the arrangement of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, the Municipal Health Commission organized 14 medical experts from Shunyi District Hospital and non-public medical institutions in Beijing to conduct free clinics for health poverty alleviation in Wanquan District, Zhangjiakou from December 24th to 25th.

In the cold winter season, the temperature of Zhangjiakou area is minus 15 degrees Celsius. Medical experts from Beijing are not afraid of the cold, and went to the Health Center of Wanquan Town and the Central Health Center of Guoleizhuang in Wanquan District to conduct free consultations for more than 185 poverty-stricken patients who have been recorded, and developed specific treatment options for 203 chronic patients suffering from illness. The experts also carried out capacity assistance activities in Wanquan District Hospital and Wanquan District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and led local medical staff to carry out ward rounds, consultations, academic exchanges and other activities to refine the treatment plan for 87 seriously ill patients who were poor due to illness.

In this free clinic, there are 10 medical experts in non-public medical institutions in the city, including 8 members of the Communist Party. Beijing North Asia Orthopaedic Hospital, Peking University International Hospital, and Beijing Xingyuan Jinfangguo Hospital all took this clinic as a practical activity to strengthen the party building work of the hospitals. Specifically, it focuses on the "three combinations". One is to combine the clinic with the education of the party members. The second is to combine the clinic with the promotion of learning. The third is to combine the clinic with the joint construction of the party branch.

After the two-day of free clinic, the medical experts unanimously stated that participating in the accurate health poverty alleviation clinic is a concrete practice of implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on tackling the problem of precision poverty alleviation. It is an important part of the deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government. They were proud of being members of the free clinic team. At the same time, they have experienced the hard work and dedication of the grassroots medical colleagues. Their harvest is far greater than their effort. In the future, they would continue to contribute to the comprehensive and in-depth implementation of the Healthy China Strategy.

The Beijing Health Commission, the Health and Family Planning Commission of Shunyi District, and the responsible staff of relevant departments of the Beijing Association for Non-Public Medical Institutions participated in the poverty alleviation clinic.