Disability Screening of Child Aged 0-6 was Launched in Beijing
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission


Beijing Municipal Health Commission, Beijing Disabled Persons’ Federation and Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau jointly issued the "Notice on Launching Disabled Screening for 0 to 6-Year-Old Children" (Jingwei Senior Citizens, Women and Children [2018] No. 25). From December 2018, the disabled screening of children aged 0-6 is officially launched in the city.

From December 2018, combined with the health checkups for children aged 0-6, children of 0-6 years old will be screened for five types of disability, namely hearing, vision, limb, intelligence and autism. The screening and municipal children's disability diagnosis and evaluation institutions will be determined. According to the referral requirements, the children will positive result will be referred to the re-screening and diagnostic institution and the diagnosis and evaluation will be carried out in time to provide rehabilitation information so that the children can receive effective rehabilitation timely and prevent and reduce the occurrence of disability.

From November 20th to 21st, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission organized a training seminar for the screening of children with disabilities of 0-6 years old, introducing the disabled screening program for children aged 0-6 in the city, and carrying out the technology training on early childhood disability screening program. The health institutions in Beijing and the Disabled Persons' Federation jointly established an information communication mechanism for children with disabilities to achieve information sharing of child disability screening, assessment and rehabilitation information. The funds required for screening and rescreening for disabled children in Beijing aged 0 to 6 shall be guaranteed by the urban financial departments at district and municipal levels.


Office of Services for Senior Citizens, Women and Children

November 27, 2018