A Grand Ceremony for Brands Shows the Achievement of Cultural Publicity in Medical and Health System of Beijing
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission


On November 28 and 29, 2018, Beijing Health System held the summary meeting of “Life and Medicine” science advocacy activities with themes of “Good News”, “Xinglin Cup” and “Spring Rain List” and training meeting on publicity work of 2018. Gao Xiaojun, deputy inspector of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, secretary of the party committee of the government, and spokesperson, Gao Bin, director of the Office of the Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and more than 300 people, including the chiefs of publicity work and prize winners from the third-level hospital in Beijing, the institutions directly affiliated to the Municipal Health Commission directly under the Ministry of Health, attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Zhou Feng, director of the Publicity Committee, and Zhao Qin, deputy director of the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission.

During the two-day conference, industry experts were invited to conduct business training for the health system publicity staff in Beijing from four aspects, namely “Crisis and Response to Internet Public Opinion”, “ABC for Medical Industry News Creation”, “Limitations and Breakthroughs of Health Theme Photography”, and “Specifications and Techniques for Industry Micro Video Creation”. On the afternoon of the 29th, many leaders and guests at the scene issued honorary certificates for the winners and winning units of the three brand events. The representatives of the judges, Chen Peng from the Standing Committee of the China Health Photographic Association, the chief reporter Jia Xiaohong of Beijing Evening News, and the vice president of the School of Journalism and Communication of the Communication University of China, Sun Zhenhu, made detailed comments on some of the three award-winning works and share opinions on how to do a good job in publicity work and cultural front construction in the medical and health industry under the new media environment.

In his speech, the deputy inspector, the party secretary of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, and the spokesperson Gao Xiaojun expressed his warm congratulations to the winners, and affirmed the role of these three awards as a brand activity for public health promotion. He pointed out that the new functions of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission are expanding and its mission is increasing. It is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. Our news publicity must keep up with the new changes of the times, meet the new needs of the people, and accurately grasp the new situation and requirements of the publicity work of medical reform. It is necessary to actively open up a new pattern of health and publicity in the new era, and help the concrete implementation of the Beijing 2030 plan.