Beijing Municipal Health Commission Promptly Deployed and Implemented the Requirements of the National Video Conference on Rectification of Work Style in Health Industry
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission


On November 19, 2018, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission immediately organized a video conference in the city for deployment and implementation after the national video conference on rectification work of health industry. Main leaders of the Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Municipal Administration of Hospitals, all the secondary and above medical institutions except the military and armed police hospitals in Beijing, the Municipal Health Commission and health and family planning commissions of all districts attended the meeting. The director of the Municipal Administration of TCM Tu Zhitao presided over the meeting, and Zhang Jingming, the head of the discipline inspection and supervision team of the Municipal Discipline Inspection and Supervision Commission stationed at the commission, was invited to the meeting. Lei Haichao, secretary of the Party Committee and director of the Municipal Health Commission, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Director Lei Haichao pointed out that the relevant situation reported by the Beijing Warning Education Conference and the case reported by the National Health Commission should arouse everyone's vigilance. At present, there are still problems in the health system of the city that violate the clean work style and governance of the party, and violate the "nine prohibited items" of the medical and health system.

Lei Haichao mainly puts forward seven requirements for the upcoming rectification work of the medical and health industry in the city. First, all units must do a good job in the strict management of the party, implement party rules, discipline, and take rectification of style of work as a long-term task. Second, the departments of work style and discipline inspection should jointly study the plan for special governance work in Beijing, and focus on the construction of work style and establish a long-term working mechanism while optimizing and improving services. The third is to use the opportunity of comprehensive special actions on rectification of work style to conduct thorough education and training within the system. Fourth, public hospitals are required to strengthen party building, implement central documents and the implementation opinions of Beijing. Fifth, we must unswervingly rectify all kinds of illegal acts that endanger the interests of the masses. We must have a sense of responsibility for facilitating the people and benefiting the people, developing and innovating, and severely punish those who harm the interests of the masses. Sixth, it is necessary to strengthen leadership at all levels. The Municipal Administration of Hospitals, the Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and health and family planning commissions of all districts shall formulate corresponding remediation plans for medical and health institutions and strengthen supervision and management within their respective jurisdictions. The seventh is to implement responsibility and conduct pressure at all levels. The health and family planning commissions of each district should take the important responsibility of the party building in the industry and guide the medical and health institutions in the area to do a good job in party building.