Beijing Municipal Health Commission Conducted Research in Daxing District
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission


On the morning of November 15, 2018, Lei Haichao, secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Health Commission, went to Daxing District to investigate medical and health work. He has visited the Community Service Center of Yizhuang Town, Beijing Jiakesi New Drug Research and Development Co., Ltd., Jingdong Blood Donation Station and Yizhuang Hospital of Beijing Tongren Hospital. Field research was conducted on the public health committee of the village (community), research, development and clinical trials of new drug, voluntary blood donation, medical research innovation and hospital expansion projects.

At the research forum, Lei Haichao listened to the report on the establishment of national health district, voluntary blood donation and pre-hospital first aid in Daxing District, as well as the research and innovation of Tongren Hospital and the construction of the second phase of Yizhuang Hospital. Lei Haichao put forward five requirements for the work in the future. First, Daxing District should increase its efforts in creating health and actively promote relevant work. Second, it is necessary to further strengthen the work of voluntary blood donation. It is necessary to increase the collection volume by adding blood collection points and central blood banks, enhancing publicity and mobilization, and expanding group blood donation. The third is to strengthen pre-hospital emergency and improve the satisfaction rate of emergency calls. Fourth, Tongren Hospital should strengthen dispatching, and

promptly promote the construction of the second phase of the project, and strive to form service capabilities as soon as possible. Fifth, the hospitals should strengthen medical research and innovation, refresh incentive mechanisms, do a good job in personnel training, and improve the work of the three research institutes.

Tu Zhitao, Director of the Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pan Suyan, Deputy Director of the Municipal Administration of Hospitals, Li Aifang, Director of the Health and Family Planning Commission of Daxing District, chiefs of the relevant departments of the Municipal Health Commission and the Municipal Administration of Hospitals and the Beijing Blood Center participated in the research discussion.