Beijing Municipal Health Commission Held a Meeting on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases and Other Diseases of Daxing International Airport
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission


In order to further strengthen the joint work mechanism of disease prevention and control and do a good job in prevention and control of infectious diseases after the completion of Daxing International Airport, Beijing Municipal Health Commission organized Beijing Customs, Health and Family Planning Commission of Daxing District, and Municipal Center of Disease Control to hold the work meeting on prevention and control of infectious diseases and other diseases of Daxing International Airport.

The meeting was hosted by Liu Qinghua, Director of the Disease Control Department of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission. The monitoring and disease prevention and control of the construction of Daxing International Airport in the early stage were reported firstly by representatives from Daxing District. Staff from Beijing Customs introduced the construction of Daxing International Airport, the setting up and work arrangement of public health institutions. The Municipal CDC put forward relevant suggestions on the infectious disease management and health risk factors monitoring. The attendees at the meeting also conducted in-depth discussions on the details of work on prevention and control of infectious diseases and public health monitoring.

By the end of the meeting, Director Liu Qinghua pointed out that all departments and units should base themselves on maintaining the overall public health security and social development stability of the capital, and build a closer and long-term cooperation mechanism on the basis of adhering to and carrying forward the original foundation for good cooperation. The institutions should further strengthen the responsibility of each area and departmental responsibility, focus on strengthening monitoring information sharing, further optimize the mechanism and management service process of early quarantine, early identification and early disposal of inbound infectious diseases, promote information construction actively, to provide accurate indications of infectious diseases for entry-exit personnel and continues to improve the overall response capacity of the infectious diseases in the city.