2 New Demonstration Zones of Comprehensive Prevention and Control for Chronic Diseases were Established in Beijing
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission


The construction of the comprehensive prevention and control demonstration zone for chronic diseases is a specific measure and task in the Outline of the “Healthy Beijing 2030 Plan”. It aims to improve the comprehensive prevention and control mechanism of chronic diseases by government leadership, departmental collaboration, mobilization of society and participation of the masses through the construction of demonstration zones. The construction of demonstration areas, as the starting point, leading, innovating and promoting the comprehensive prevention and control work pattern of chronic diseases.

On November 8 and 9, 2018, on the basis of self-assessment at the district level and application and acceptance at the municipal level, the Municipal Health Commission organized experts to conduct on-site evaluation of the Beijing Demonstration Zone of Comprehensive Prevention and Control for Chronic Diseases in Miyun District and Yanqing District. At the on-site meeting, the experts listened to the work report of the national demonstration zones of prevention and control for chronic diseases in the district, and learned about the work of the two districts through centralized discussion and looking up archives and other methods. The team believed that the committees and governments of Miyun District and Yanqing District attached great importance to the construction of the demonstration zone and are fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the districts. They conducted clear and effective diagnosis, organization and measures in communities, generating good result in health work of communities and establishing a system for prevention and control of chronic diseases. It is hoped that the two districts will continue to consolidate and improve the long-term working mechanism of government leading and departmental cooperation, continue to enhance the comprehensive system of prevention and control of chronic diseases, adhere to the main health problems and the prevention and control of chronic diseases of public concern, focus on the whole population and the whole cycle of life, improve the prevention and control and service capabilities of chronic diseases, and continuously improve the health of the residents. Up to now, 9 national and 6 municipal demonstration zones have been built in Beijing.