Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning Organized Non-public Medical Institutions to Yushu Prefecture to Carry out Accurate Health Assistance and Poverty Alleviation
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


In order to thoroughly implement the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to win the fight against poverty, and the requirements of municipal party committee and the municipal government on the deployment of precision poverty alleviation, and solidly promote poverty alleviation cooperation in the Yushu Prefecture, the Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning organized medical team consisting of experts from Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Beijing Chest Hospital, Beijing Sanbo Brain Hospital, Wuzhou Women and Children Hospital, Beiya Orthopaedic Hospital, and the Beijing Youth Foundation. The team went to Yushu Prefecture, Qinghai Province to carry out accurate health assistance and poverty alleviation. This was also the first time that non-public medical institutions in Beijing have participated in the counterpart support.

Experts conducted a free clinic and consultation for 212 people with mental illness and serious illness in the Yushu Bayi Hospital and the Nangqian County People's Hospital, and led local medical staff to conduct rounds and consultations. According to the requirements of “one treatment for one person and one case for one disease”, a medical file was established for the construction of a registered poor patient and the treatment plan for them was refined. In the Nangqian County People's Hospital, they focused on screening children with impaired congenital heart disease, and discussed follow-up treatment with the Beijing Youth Foundation with specific ideas. The experts also went to the key departments of Yushu Prefecture People's Hospital and Yushu Prefecture Women and Children Center for assistance and guidance, and put forward constructive suggestions for improving the ability of poverty alleviation.