Prices of First Batch of Anticancer Drugs were Cut in Beijing
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


In accordance with the decision and arrangements for the special procurement of anti-cancer drugs by the State Council, the medical insurance payment standards and purchase prices of 14 kinds of anti-cancer drugs were adjusted in two batches before September 1 and September 30, covering of 8 kinds of drugs in the first batch and 6 kinds of drugs in the second batch.

In order to implement the national requirements and allow patients to enjoy the benefits brought by the price adjustment as soon as possible, Beijing responded quickly and carefully. The city's pharmaceutical sunshine procurement platform developed the active price reduction function, encouraging enterprises to cut prices as soon as possible and reminding medical institutions to change the price in time. Until 0:00 on September 1st, the prices of the first batch of 8 kinds of drugs were all adjusted and the patients enjoyed the price reduction at the same time.

The first batch of price adjustments included Zytiga, Conmana, Eytan, Afinitor, Revlimid, Herceptin, Tarceva, and Tykerb, with an average drop of 4.5%. In the next step, the city will implement the price adjustment for the second batch of products on time. At the same time, the provincial special procurement work for anticancer drugs will be launched, and the terminal price reduction effect will be further realized on the basis of tax reduction.

Accordingly, since the implementation of the comprehensive reform of the separation of medicine and treatment on April 8 last year, with the sunshine procurement mechanism, the price of medicines continued to decline, the overall cost of saving medicines was more than 8 billion yuan, and the average price of medicines fell by more than 9%.