Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning and Chifeng Municipal People's Government Held a Symposium on Health and Poverty Alleviation
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


On August 8, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning and the Chifeng Municipal People's Government held a symposium on health and poverty alleviation in Beijing. They conducted in-depth exchanges on implementing the Party Central Committee's request to win the fight against poverty and comprehensively improve Beijing-Chifeng health and poverty alleviation.

The Chifeng Health and Family Planning Commission introduced the counterpart medical support and health alleviation in the two places in recent years, especially since the signing of the “Healthy Counterpart Support and Technical Cooperation Agreement of Beijing Municipal Health Bureau and People’s Government of Chifeng of 2012-2022”, leaders of the two governments promoted the cooperation, the medical and health departments were proactive, and the department experts exchanged ideas closely. The two cities have achieved remarkable results in personnel training, medical education and research assistance, joint prevention and control, emergency system construction, information exchange network construction, and health poverty alleviation, and promoted the development of medical and health care and the improvement of people's livelihood in Chifeng. It has alleviated the burden of local poor people to see a doctor.

At the meeting, it was stressed that the next step in deepening Beijing-Chifeng's precision health and poverty alleviation should be done in five aspects. First, thoroughly implement the new goals, new requirements, and new tasks put forward by the Party's 19th National Congress, focus on precision health and poverty alleviation, and help the assisted region to win the fight against poverty. The second is multi-party linkage, comprehensive policy and precision poverty alleviation. It was required to establish a medical treatment account for patients with major diseases in the local card-based households, relying on local medical institutions to actively carry out treatment according to specific and hierarchical levels. Third, innovating working methods, using modern technology such as remote diagnosis and treatment to improve health and poverty alleviation and ensure that poverty alleviation was smoothly promoted and implemented. The fourth is to increase the intensity of personnel training and continuously improve the ability of medical and health services. The fifth is to continue to strengthen communication and contact between the health and family planning administrative departments of the two places, and convene work promotion meetings in due course.

Responsible staff of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, the Chifeng Municipal People's Government and the relevant departments of the Commission attended the symposium.