Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning Held a
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


In order to improve the level of the media response ability and public opinion guidance of news propaganda cadres and promote the construction of the spokesperson team of the Beijing health and family planning system, the Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning held a system-wide training class of spokesperson and news propaganda backbones talents on July 30. Members of the Office of the Leading Group of News Propaganda, the spokespersons of the Beijing Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Municipal Administration of Hospitals, the health and family planning commissions of all districts, the tertiary hospitals and the directly affiliated units of the hospitals, the heads of the news and publicity departments and the relevant departments of the commission participated in the training.

Leaders and experts from the Communication University of China, the Propaganda Department of the National Health and Health Committee, and the relevant leaders and experts of the Municipal Network Information Office were invited to the training to give special lectures on understanding of new media, news and publicity and planning, simulation exercises of press conference, new media development trends and analysis. Gao Xiaojun, deputy inspector, spokesperson and leader of the press and propaganda group of the Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, attended the training class and put forward the requirements for doing a good job in the news propaganda, focusing on the theme of “strengthening ideological understanding and working hard to improve the level of news consensus in the new era”.