Joint Law Enforcement Action on Tobacco Control was Carried Out Continuously in Beijing
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


On the morning of July 19, 2018, one illegal smoker and five units with cigarette butts, smoking articles and imperfect tobacco control management systems were fined and ordered to be rectified. This is the result of a joint law enforcement action by the Beijing Committee of Patriotic Health Movement, the Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, the Municipal Cultural Bureau, and the Municipal Cultural Law Enforcement Corps.

Since April 2018, in order to strengthen the supervision of the tobacco control business in the Internet services places (Internet bars), reduce the harm caused by smoking, and protect the health rights and interests of consumers, the Beijing Committee of Patriotic Health Movement and other three departments decided to jointly carry out a joint special enforcement action for six months in Internet bars, focusing on checking whether Internet bars carry out tobacco control work in accordance with the "four haves, one no and one dissuasion", especially the investigation and treatment of "not dissuading smokers in smoking-prohibited places". The purpose is to effectively crack down on illegal smoking behaviors and regulate self-discipline management of Internet bars. It is also aimed to strengthen the awareness of the first responsible person in the tobacco control area and promote the continuous and effective implementation of the Tobacco Control Regulations of Beijing.

The reporter saw at the joint law enforcement site in Sidaokou of Haidian District and Majiapu District of Fengtai District that, according to the previous unannounced visits, law enforcement officers randomly selected 8 Internet bars and other units for on-site inspection. In addition to penalizing one illegal smoker on the spot and issuing Notice of Correction to 5 units, it was also proposed to investigate and deal with two units that have not discouraged illegal smoking.

The responsible staffs of the joint enforcement action group said that they will continue to maintain the high-pressure situation of tobacco control in Internet bars, conduct interviews with the responsible persons of the problem units, strengthen the main responsibilities of the operating units, increase the exposure to illegal activities, and promptly bring the punishment information of tobacco control into the “Beijing Enterprise Credit Information System” as required. At the same time, in accordance with the principle of “controlling the industry by controlling tobacco”, the law enforcement team will realize the comprehensive coordinated supervision of tobacco control work.