“Map of Blood Donation Points of Beijing” of Opening Government Affairs to Benefit the People of Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning was Launched
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


In 2017, the Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning launched the "Service Map of Three-level Medical Institutions", the "Map of Community Health Service Agencies" and the "Service Map of Pediatric Clinics" in succession on eBeijing, which have been widely concerned by the media and the public. The attention and click rate in the public of convenient service maps ranked top. In 2018, in order to further increase the openness of government affairs, the commission has formulated six new plans for the service map for benefiting the people.

At present, the “Map of Blood Donation Points of Beijing” has been officially launched through eBeijing. By browsing the map, the public can check the exact location and traffic route of all blood donation points in the city. The information of blood donation points also includes institution name, address, blood collection time, service function and consultation phone. The launch of “Map of Blood Donation Points of Beijing” will help citizens to find regular and unpaid blood donation institutions efficiently and improve the accessibility of blood donation services. At the same time, through public and transparent services, we will further curb illegal blood collection and promote the healthy growth of the city's voluntary blood donation work.

In the next step, our committee will gradually launch “Map of Vaccination Clinics”, “Map of Clinics for Prevention and Treatment of Rabies Exposure”, “Map of Occupational Disease Diagnosis Institutions”, “Map of Secondary Medical Institutions” and “Map of Midwifery Institutions” as planned to improve the services of opening government affairs to benefit the people and enhance the public's "sense of gain" in the city's health and family planning work.