Leaders of the M unicipal Commission of Health and Family Planning Inspected the Party Construction of Tiantan Hospital
From:Beijing Municipal Administration of Hospitals


On May 30, 2018, the party committee secretary and director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning and secretary of the Party Committee of the Beijing Municipal Administration of Hospitals Lei Haichao visited Tiantan Hospital for investigation. He conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with the representatives of the hospital team, the party branch secretaries, and some middle-level cadres on strengthening the Party's construction, reform and development of the hospital.

Lu Ming, Party Secretary of the Tiantan Hospital, introduced the central role played by the party committee of Tiantan Hospital in exerting directions, managing the overall situation, making decisions, promoting reforms, and ensuring implementation. The vice executive president of the hospital, Wang Yongjun, vice president Chao Yangyun, and chairman of the labor union Xu Yanling, respectively introduced the progress of the construction project of the Tiantan Hospital. Representatives of the party branch secretaries introduced the work of implementing the party’s decision, participating in departmental management, uniting and mobilizing the masses, and promoting reform and development.

Lei Haichao pointed out in his speech that the construction of the Tiantan Hospital is of great significance to the implementation of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy and the "four centers" orientation of Beijing's urban function as well as the solution to the health needs of the residents in the southern part of the city and special actions on "relieving and regulation for improvement". He demanded that the party committee, party branches, and party members and cadres of the Tiantan Hospital should seize the opportunity and achieve high standards to accomplish various tasks. The first is to firmly establish the “four consciousnesses” to unify ideas, understandings and actions to the implementation of the major decisions of the central government and municipal government with high-quality. The second is to further strengthen organizational development and pool greater synergy. The third is to further strengthen the style of work and strive to improve and enhance the level of health care services. The fourth is to further strengthen discipline construction and do a good job in propaganda and dissemination. Fifth, it is necessary to take advantage of new development opportunities and platforms to promote medical, teaching, technological innovation, personnel training and other aspects to a new level. Sixth, we should further strengthen problem orientation and strive to ensure the safety and security of hospital operations. Seventh, further strengthen risk prevention and control, do a good job of preplanning and prompt mediation. Eighth, we should further strengthen fine management and consider setting up blood donation houses in the event of increased service capacity. The ninth is to further strengthen the extension of coverage, the work of the party's construction should be passed to postgraduates, undergraduates, interns, students and trainees. He emphasized that the Tiantan Hospital should speed up the construction of a close-linked medical consortium in accordance with the deployment of the municipal party committee and municipal government, strengthen and enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation, and attach more importance to innovation.

Pan Suyan and Liu Jianmin, standing committee members and deputy directors of the Municipal Hospital Authority, also put forward opinions and suggestions on the work of the Tiantan Hospital. Kong Jingsheng, Director of the Personnel Division of the Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, Guo Shengya, Director of the Municipal Hospital Authority and the Human Resources Management Division, Fan Shimin, Director of the Reform and Development Division, and Zhang Haiou, Director of the Dangqun Group Office, participated in the seminar.