Leaders of the Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning Visited Beijing Chest Hospital to Reply Suggestions from the People’s Congress
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


Tuberculosis is one of the major infectious diseases that seriously threaten people's health. In recent years, the clustered outbreaks of tuberculosis in China have occurred occasionally and caused extensive concern in the society. Wang Jingping, representative of the 15th People's Congress of Beijing Municipality, put forward suggestions for the construction of infectious diseases and public health prevention and control systems in our city, especially the construction of the work system for the prevention and control of tuberculosis, which attracted the attention of the leaders of the Commission. The deputy inspector of the Commission Liu Zejun organized relevant departments and dividsions to analyze and study each proposal put forward by the deputies one by one. On the morning of May 28, they had a face-to-face communication with the representatives at the chest hospital and conducted in-depth discussions on problems such as how to do a good job in the prevention of tuberculosis in our city with the Beijing Chest Hospital

In recent years, the city has implemented a comprehensive TB prevention and control strategy to focus on the two core links of “tuberculosis patient detection and treatment management”, highlighting four fields including“the monitoring and treatment of tuberculosis cluster epidemic outbreaks, school tuberculosis control, drug-resistant tuberculosis control, and tuberculosis control in mobile population”. The health education on tuberculosis prevention and control was strengthened, and the tuberculosis epidemic situation in Beijing was at a low level in the country. However, there are still problems such as the inaccurate detection of infectious sources, difficulty in the management of tuberculosis patients, insufficient social attention, and low public awareness. In response to these problems, deputy inspector Liu Zejun exchanged views with representatives of the National People's Congress and experts of the Chest Hospital. In the next step, we will promote and strengthen the construction of the "three-in-one" TB prevention and control system in our city, increase investment in tuberculosis prevention and control, and strengthen informationization. At the same time, with the advantage of experts in chest hospitals, we will conduct in-depth health talks on the health of tuberculosis volunteers and explored the establishment of home isolation management standards and models for infectious tuberculosis patients. The representatives expressed their satisfaction with the commission's reply and will continue to work with relevant departments to promote the establishment of a Beijing tuberculosis prevention and control system for people's health.