Fully Implementing the Cultivation of Family Health Assistant, an Important Project for People's Livelihood of 2018
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


According to the "Work Plan for Implementing Important Projects for People's Livelihood in 2018 of Beijing Municipal Government", the "training of family health assistant" has been listed as an important livelihood project by the municipal government.

In order to fulfill the practical projects, the Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning printed and issued the “Work Program for the Training of Family Health Assistant in Beijing in 2018” (Beijing Health, Primary Level [2018] No. 7), and commissioned the Municipal Management Center for Social Medical Service to hold special training and deployment meeting on May 15. More than 100 people, including specialists in the field of general medicine, directors in charge of the social medical service management centers and project leaders of 16 districts, and teachers from some community health service institutions participated in the meeting.

At the training meeting, the background and development history of family health assistant of the city were introduced, the progress of the work and its importance were emphasized, and the districts were called upon to carry out annual training with innovation. Project leaders from Community Health Service Management Center in Shijingshan District, Wanshoulu Community Health Service Center in Haidian District, and the Community Health Service Station of the China Meteorological Administration in Haidian District combined the management characteristics of each area and communicated with each other on the publicity and recruitment of family health assistant, process and data management, activities and promotion, effectiveness, experience, and other aspects. They shared advanced work experience of cultivating family health assistant from the district, community health service center, and station level.

At the meeting, several requirements for further implementation of the annual training work in each district were put forward. First, we must attach great importance to the work, conduct overall planning, and strictly follow the time node to promote and implement. The second is to innovate work methods, increase residents' participation, and give residents more sense of achievement. The third is to integrate resources and organically combine with the daily work of the institutions to make overall efforts. Fourth, we must strive for support at all levels, do a good job in propaganda and summarization, and fully demonstrate the effectiveness of our work. Fifth, we must continue to do a good job in management and utilization, strengthen communication and coordination to truly play the role of the team of family health assistants. In the next step, the municipal social management center will combine key tasks and supervise all districts in accordance with the implementation of the preplan to ensure the completion of important livelihood projects in 2018 with high quality and efficiency.